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Yes! We have Saturday appointments for the convenience of our patients.

Yes! We have several team members who speak Spanish. Our dentists are in the process of learning and are getting better every day!

At Floresta Plaza Dental, we know that you have many choices when it comes to the dental care you choose for your family. We are different, however, and we know you will notice from your very first phone call to our office.

We have a warm and professional team who will always greet you with a smile. We never take our patients for granted, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every way by giving you outstanding dentistry from our gentle and experienced dentists, Dr. Ken Torres and Dr. Allea Paras Torres, and by making you comfortable while you are here. Having confidence in your dental team is an important part of helping you maintain your oral health throughout your lifetime.

Dentistry does not have to be painful! In fact, we believe in patient comfort and place it high on our priorities because we know that feeling anxious about a dental procedure can cause stress and keep you from coming to the dentist.

Give us a call if you have questions about the services we offer, your insurance plan, or you'd just to ask a few questions about our dentists. Our knowledgeable team is great at helping patients feel welcome, and we want to help you feel confident in your decision to join our dental family.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Floresta Plaza Dental, we know the value of a beautiful smile and the role it plays in your day-to-day life. If there is something that you are not happy with when it comes to your teeth, chances are that we have a solution!

We love creating beautiful smiles, and we feature solutions that are affordable and a great investment in your future.

Your smile can be an asset both at work and in your social life. We offer all the cosmetic dentistry treatments you will need to achieve a smile that makes you feel proud. Some of the options we offer include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth-replacement with implants, bridges, or dentures
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Veneers, both composite and porcelain
  • Straighter teeth with Invisalign

If you are thinking about improving your smile but you are concerned about the cost, you will be happy to know that we offer affordable solutions. Teeth whitening and dental bonding are both affordable and fast ways to improve the appearance of your teeth.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Bay Area who offers high-quality care that is a great value, contact Floresta Plaza Dental today!

Dental Emergencies, Root Canals, and Extractions

If you have already called our office, then you have had experience with our friendly and helpful team!

Our dentists and staff are great at making sure you are comfortable and relaxed during your visits. 

Every patient is different, and we recognize that. Some patients may be more fearful than others, but our doctors are not rushed and are able to spend time with each of our patients to ensure that they are at ease so that together we can get our patients healthy. 

We also believe in gentle dentistry and that dental care can be completely comfortable. Different patients require different levels of anesthetic because of factors such as anxiety. Having dental anxiety can make it a little more difficult for you to get completely numb. We take this into account and help you relax, take our time getting you numb, and make sure every procedure is comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

By maintaining excellent communication, educating our patients on their conditions and treatment options, and taking our time and treating every patient the way they deserve to be treated, we have been able to provide outstanding care for many patients who avoided dentistry in the past.

Pediatric Dentistry

One of the things our patients really appreciate about our dental office is that we welcome every member of your family. Helping your kids have a healthy foundation in dentistry right from the start is one of the most important things we do. 

Children grow up so fast, and we will adjust their care over the years, making sure they are always getting the type of dentistry they need to stay healthy.

Baby teeth are important in the development of your child’s permanent smile. By developing healthy habits at a young age, communicating with parents about the health of their child, and restoring any teeth that need repairs, we can keep your little one comfortable and healthy.

We have a children's area with television and computers for the kids to play games on so that they look forward to coming to our office. Our treatment rooms have televisions as well to help kids to relax and stay entertained during their treatment.

Our doctors and staff are really great with kids. We use non-threatening language when describing their procedures and what to expect at their appointment so that we can avoid creating dental anxiety.

Whether you have a one year old or a teen, we welcome your kids to join our San Leandro dental practice.

Preventive and General Dentistry

Our dentists use dental x-rays to assist in the diagnosis of dental conditions such as decay, infection, bone loss, and fractures. Oftentimes, we can diagnose conditions visually, but if decay is inside your tooth, between your teeth, or near the gumline, it is not always visible.

While some patients like to avoid x-rays, there really is no reason to. Routine x-rays are actually a great way to protect your oral health. For example, if decay forms on a tooth and we catch it with a dental x-ray, we can likely make a small repair with a filling. Fillings can last a long time and seal bacteria out of your tooth. But if we do not take regular x-rays, decay can spread quickly and you will not know because cavities often do not cause pain until they are well advanced.

By the time you feel pain, you may be facing a root canal, dental crown, or an extraction. Regular x-rays help us diagnose problems early and keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. We use digital x-rays that are extremely low in radiation for your safety. They are one of the most affordable and best tools in prevention and early diagnosis.

For more information about dental x-rays, give our office a call!

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