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Technology can make your dental treatment more comfortable, efficient, and accurate. At Floresta Plaza Dental, our dentists stay on top of modern dentistry developments, bringing important new technology into our office each year.

Here are some of the types of technology we use to give you better care.

Digital X-Rays and Sensors

Converting to digital x-rays provides a number of perks for our patients. Not only are digital x-rays extremely safe, reducing radiation by up to 80 percent, but they also give us the high-resolution images we need to diagnose dental conditions in their earliest stages. That way, we can treat your problem fast – before it puts your smile at risk!

We store your digital images in your digital chart and can pull them up at any time to compare changes in your oral health.

Digital Records

Having all your information at the tips of their fingers allows our dentists to make sure that you are always receiving the dentistry you need to stay healthy. We track everything from changes in your medical history to your digital x-rays, and we can pull up your information at any time.

Your information is stored securely under lock-and-key encryption to make sure that your private information stays private.

Intraoral Camera

Hearing that you need a crown or that you have gum recession has very little meaning to most patients when they are left to imagine it. After all, if everything feels ok, why worry?

We use an intraoral camera in our office because it gives you the ability to see what we see. An intraoral camera is a small handheld digital camera that takes pictures inside your mouth. We can bring them up on our in-office monitors for you to review.

Most times, you will not experience dental pain until an oral condition is well advanced. Having a cracked tooth or gum recession may not seem like a problem now, but we can show you why it could pose a problem in the future using our intraoral camera. That way, you have the knowledge you need to make a good decision regarding the future of your smile.

If your insurance company ever needs additional information to approve a claim, we can send your digital images at the click of a mouse.

Laser Dentistry

Using a laser to perform the small surgeries necessary in dentistry is a great way to provide our patients with comfortable care.

Lasers are usually painless and can help our dentists prep your tooth for a crown, treat gum infection, and even make cosmetic improvements such as gingival sculpting (reshaping the gums). Lasers are more comfortable and often allow for faster healing than traditional surgeries.

Panoramic X-Rays

Different x-rays serve different purposes. We use bitewing x-rays to detect cavities, periapical x-rays to take a full image on your tooth from crown to root tip (which is useful in the diagnosis of infection or bone loss), and panoramic x-rays to look at the big picture.

Panoramic x-rays take a full x-ray of all your teeth at once. We can use this information when determining whether you need your wisdom teeth removed, placing dental implants, or identifying bone loss due to tooth loss, aging, or a medical condition.

A panoramic x-ray goes all the way around your head in just a few seconds. This digital image will appear instantly on our monitors. You should check yours out! It's interesting to see the relationship of all of your teeth.

Rotary Endodontics

Endodontics refers to treating the interior of your tooth, which often means root canal therapy.

While many patients have heard rumors about root canals being painful, that's just not true. The techniques and equipment have advanced to the point where a root canal should be no more complicated than a regular filling. Rotary endodontics tools assist with comfort and precision when cleaning infection out of your tooth for greater comfort and success.

Televisions in Rooms

Life is busy, and we thought it would be nice for our patients to be able to kick back and relax when they come to our office. We can put on a favorite show so that time flies during your procedure.

We offer this to both our adult patients and kids because everyone likes a little entertainment!

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